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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.

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  • Sarah.

    Jordan has a direct line to Rhett's funny bone. It's so fun to watch.

  • xmariedetx

    this is so great LOL

  • Raven Jaxsnerdymommy
    Raven Jaxsnerdymommy

    The fact that they are so similar to their fathers 🤣

  • Kat Rickerson
    Kat Rickerson

    Loved this episode! You really need to have your dads on more often!

  • triplevthreat

    Rhett and links personalities make so much sense now 😆

  • Baseballman1224

    “I’m sorry if you’re not entertained”. Boys I am VERY entertained

  • o_o niii
    o_o niii

    Food is so expensive in the United States man 😳

  • J-Brock

    This was a very useful video bc Im on vacation and wanted some BBQ

  • Vishal Kalicharan
    Vishal Kalicharan

    PB & J.

  • Vishal Kalicharan
    Vishal Kalicharan

    Kinda an awkward way to start an episode.

  • Flamecrew9 At roblox
    Flamecrew9 At roblox

    Wish they said how they made the chips.

  • Abrikazam

    6:22 We just gonna ignore that 😳

  • Jordan

    More BBQ Boys videos pls

  • Amberlee Woodhouse
    Amberlee Woodhouse

    I love how Rhett and Link automatically get more southern when they eat BBQ

  • Jacob Oliver
    Jacob Oliver

    After the Father's Day episode, I would LOVE to see this same episode, but with their dad's doing the tasting and ranking!

  • Zara Zen
    Zara Zen

    @GMM: Can we do a *Paranormal seance show with a psychic and Ouija Board?* LIKE SO FHE TESM SEES IT!

  • Zara Zen
    Zara Zen

    Can we have a direct link that takes us to every shows` GMMORE? As opposed to just writing the episode number? 🥺

  • Jessica Vogel
    Jessica Vogel

    Amy is repulsive 🤮

  • ChesuMori

    Unsurprisingly, the guys who grew up together in a barbecue-heavy region have similar taste in barbecue

  • 9deel9

    I loved the outtro

  • flyindevil

    I don't think I've ever heard Nostradamus referred to as a "futurist". To be a futurist, you would have to be speculating on what future social and/or technological advancements will do to society, while Nostradamus pretty much just repackaged already available history and myths to "predict" events/times in very ambiguous terms.

  • Daniel Cardenas (DevlinDelFuego)
    Daniel Cardenas (DevlinDelFuego)

    Cbus! Go Bucks!

  • Somar Reivax
    Somar Reivax

    Rhett I love your dance

  • Christina

    Damn! I LOVE STOUFFERS an Im not a kid.

  • Emily

    I love a pulled pork sandwich but only when I can sauce it myself


    I'm a sauce person.. I like my pulled pork sandwiches with mustard based sauce.

  • sup3rsmash8

    I'm just browsing ISnets for alien abduction stories to see that if that Wikipedia page everyone keeps talking about pops up.

  • Biddleee Who?
    Biddleee Who?

    "Hey, wanna go to a play?" *Omen choir begins*

  • Jesse alan
    Jesse alan

    Anyone else catch rhett finger tutting at the beginning? 😂

  • TheFlyingMage

    Change the rules of this game. Let them tag all 4 pieces of food from $ to $$$$ and award each one they got right with a point.

  • Dr. Brule
    Dr. Brule

    Links perfect total was 5150 because he belongs in a nut house

  • Biddleee Who?
    Biddleee Who?

    Rhett's evil chuckle after Link got the pig cannoli is the funniest thing to me

  • Rachel Simz
    Rachel Simz

    Okay the dads are so cute

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson

    I really want you guys to come down to San Diego! We have the best BBQ on the coast at smokin js bbq in Poway! I guarantee it!

  • Anna Sommer
    Anna Sommer

    Absolutely LOVING this format, the fancypantsdance and the severity in which you judge. Lovely!

  • James Inman
    James Inman

    I understand Link so much more after seeing this.

  • Mischa Ballard
    Mischa Ballard

    I MISS LTAT!!!!

  • Brandon Squires
    Brandon Squires

    Episode idea: best cheese for mac n cheese where they use wild cheeses like the stinkiest stuff they can get their hands on

  • Daniel Keyse
    Daniel Keyse

    Link don't you dare worry about being funny. As a fellow North Carolinian, BBQ is no laughing business.

  • Kevin “K3V1N” Smith
    Kevin “K3V1N” Smith

    How did they not judge the corn bread

  • Ratch

    Watching them eat other foods will never get old

  • Travis Hostetter
    Travis Hostetter

    You guys also have to realize you’re doing this California.

  • Peyton McGuire
    Peyton McGuire

    I’m on a diet and this looks so good 😂

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam

    Please do a food fueds of hostess vs drake's cake vs little Debbie's

  • Adam W.
    Adam W.

    I feel like these need to be blind tests... the appearance gives away too much

  • Zach W
    Zach W

    Rhett and Link are surprisingly in synch in this episode

  • SBGothik

    Link looks just like his daddy

  • the_nikster

    honestly, all those mac and cheeses were good. stouffer's is like the best frozen mac and cheese on the market.

  • mg77045

    If there was a Texas barbecue choice they would have chosen it every round 😂

  • Isaac McAllister
    Isaac McAllister

    Link’s dad is precious.

  • WKK3

    1 word Bonos

  • themaskedcrusader

    "Chances are your pants aren't as fancy as the pair of very fancy pants that Mr. Fancy Pants will wear." -Jonathan Coulton.

  • Kera Easthope
    Kera Easthope

    I love the fancy pants dance lol

  • egguhtoast

    They should wear blind folds

  • María Rodriguez
    María Rodriguez

    Getting married in costco? Now i know what the most American thing is

  • Harry Rundel
    Harry Rundel

    I clicked like when they synced their voices effortlessly

  • sigma delta
    sigma delta

    these guys are good lying though

  • Rex Ruiz
    Rex Ruiz

    Man if link doesn’t look exactly like his dad. I look forward to Good Mythical Morning in 20 years.

  • Alyssa White
    Alyssa White

    the love story was HIllarious

  • TheTakenChance

    I love this series.

  • Skittle_Clouds

    I’m always on rhetts side when it comes to winning but I freaking love link’s dad

  • Phil

    Sauced up barbecue is perfectly fine. No problem with some saucy pulled pork.

  • Kyle Edwards
    Kyle Edwards

    so do you not sit down in the fancy restaurants?

  • ryan hamill
    ryan hamill

    always love Frozen vs Fast vs Fancy!!! one of my favorite segments!

  • WillowHub

    For reference, the song you clicked on this video for starts at 12:18

  • Elijah “D and da E” Adamson
    Elijah “D and da E” Adamson

    the eye contact during the fancy pants dance unsettled me

  • AznboiKaBoom

    Looks like they have no idea what a pulled pork sandwich is supposed to be like. They are supposed to be filled with sauce.

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S

    Tapatio that jail hotsauce 🤢

  • Ethan Klein
    Ethan Klein

    I’m glad you haven’t been funny this episode. This is one of the best episodes in a while, it’s not a bunch of ridiculous stuff going on, just you actually eating a judging the food.

  • Grant Maxwell
    Grant Maxwell

    my initials are g.m.m.

  • Jacob Keller
    Jacob Keller

    I have never wanted to be part of an episode more.

  • Jack Digman
    Jack Digman

    “I’m not gonna argue with any cheese in a Mac n cheese” - this needs to be put to the test!

  • brucesmith765

    I like how theyre from NC and pulled pork here is sauced lol

  • Clara Chrysta
    Clara Chrysta

    8:39 PEUH

  • Justin Lee Ward
    Justin Lee Ward

    What on earth is going on with the brisket in LA!?

  • samlila678

    How did you guys get these animals to the “studio”?