Reacting To Extreme Hair Plucking
Today, we're figuring out where it hurts most to pluck our hair. GMM #1881
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  • LucasDenali

    We need a Stevie cam

  • Katie Schuman
    Katie Schuman

    Time for this episode, waxing version

  • Hey You
    Hey You

    Damn, plucking nose hairs is a 10 for me, it makes my eyes instantly water

  • Michael Durfee
    Michael Durfee


  • Pamela Fulks
    Pamela Fulks

    Link is one hairy beast

  • Albert De Guzman
    Albert De Guzman

    Go for the ear hair

  • Miku

    *Oh god SCP-221 IS real-*

  • XxFlowybro

    Why am I eating while watching this

  • Gregory Anderson
    Gregory Anderson

    If you're outside you don't need a mask

  • James Ryder
    James Ryder

    Great video, laughing all the way through 😂😋

  • Luke Bossio
    Luke Bossio

    Oh honey no That was a mailbox Not a donation bin

  • halromalro W
    halromalro W

    Links armpits! Wowwza!!

  • Alasdair Cook
    Alasdair Cook


  • Anne Bertrand
    Anne Bertrand

    I have trichotillomania and the answer is toe hair. I can’t even pull that

  • Kaleigh Blanchard
    Kaleigh Blanchard

    Still to this day I think upper lip hair or toe hair hurts the most 🥵

  • chelsea b
    chelsea b

    I pause the video so much just to look at rhetts hair

  • Cello Fellow
    Cello Fellow

    Sometimes I wonder how I got here. Watching two grown men pluck their pube-a-loobie-loobies

  • Marty Melvin
    Marty Melvin

    Just to clarify, That was an English post box NOT a public hair donation point.

  • Annabelle Mardell
    Annabelle Mardell

    The skillful employer aboaly trade because snake visually irritate from a sophisticated self. threatening, racial tyvek

  • Felicia Englund
    Felicia Englund

    those are two fiiine looking studs 😍

  • Cold Devil Films
    Cold Devil Films

    is link the dude from waynes world.

  • N VG
    N VG

    I ll happily face tons of commercials for this

  • Jean Skipper
    Jean Skipper

    So we're just not gonna talk about how link offered to talk about Stevie's hairy buttcrack?

  • Babe Ruthless
    Babe Ruthless

    This is still not as bad as the Nutter Udder

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson

    14:50 they look traumatised 😂

  • Katie Grooms
    Katie Grooms

    Guys, this is nothing. I pluck like 6 eyebrow hairs at once. No no no, you need to do WAX

  • Katie Grooms
    Katie Grooms

    lol I can’t even feel it when I pluck hair on my head

  • こざら

    Wheres eyelashes? :x

  • wheelzz wheelzz
    wheelzz wheelzz

    Stevie gets a kick outta watching these ones lol

  • RoseMarie M
    RoseMarie M

    For head hairs, the nape of the neck is most sensitive. For eyebrow they should've picked one closest to the eye, it hurts more.

  • SouthernMama

    Man they made them pluck theyre junk, brutal

  • Kitsune Elie
    Kitsune Elie

    Rhett looking like Thor and I'm 100% here for it 😩

  • gavin desormeaux
    gavin desormeaux

    I felt pain without even doing it

  • Ian Moone
    Ian Moone

    I promise you eyelashes are the most painful hair to pluck.

  • sergeant mason
    sergeant mason

    11:32 GOTTEM

  • Pocky Sockies
    Pocky Sockies

    No ones gonna y’all about how weird their knees are? Especially Rhetts omg they protrude our so much

  • Alyssa Brown
    Alyssa Brown


  • Dayzee1081

    Omg this is the BEST thing on ISnets!

  • Tess Olsson
    Tess Olsson

    How has this not been demonetized 😂

  • SAMurai2K

    What did I just watch.

  • BigMan7o0

    I think what you MEANT to say is *P U E B E S*

  • WeirdAj

    aorh link i missed you and you beautiful personality like oof 🥺

  • Paige Meier
    Paige Meier

    give them an epilator :)

  • Emma Cann
    Emma Cann

    Boob-a-loob-a-loobies is my favourite GMM-ism

  • Brandon Schockelt
    Brandon Schockelt

    This is the question I always ask myself if you guys are amazing thank you. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

  • Oanh Tran
    Oanh Tran

    I've always wondering what they did with the hairs on the curtain, and who had to do it. 😐🤔

  • Danielle Thomas
    Danielle Thomas

    As a woman I'm glad to know this information

  • Jericho Kane
    Jericho Kane

    How bony is rhetts knee!

  • Matt Frye
    Matt Frye

    Wow if any of my friends admitted to shaving his legs I couldn’t just let it go that quickly 😂

  • Shahad ND
    Shahad ND

    Didn’t need to know

  • Emily2618

    This is the content I've been waiting for.

  • Kendra Summers
    Kendra Summers

    Ok guys lol 😆 only fans time

  • paft

    The was a Royal Mail post box, Rhet.

  • Melz Gaming
    Melz Gaming

    I haven’t laughed this hard in ages

  • Mirksmurf

    For science!!

  • tya rose
    tya rose

    Eyelashes? #1

  • axeyguitar888

    You know what.... This is one of those times where I’m actually really grateful that I’m currently living on my own watching this episode

  • faye

    Why am I watching this

  • JustinTheking 235
    JustinTheking 235

    One of the funniest video so far tho😂!!

  • Liz Halleran-Tello
    Liz Halleran-Tello


  • Dean Mauriello
    Dean Mauriello

    Sure that is why your wearing shorts. You talked about in Ear Biscuits how much more you like shorts. Just saying,

  • Dean Mauriello
    Dean Mauriello

    I feel like their hair is just really loose

  • Kelly

    I know y'all will never see this but I am in I will watch these kinds of videos every single day I am so sick of taste testing it's getting to the point now where I don't TuneIn anymore and I have been a mythical Beast for years

  • Mary Meranda
    Mary Meranda

    Umm...really pushing the boundaries in 2021 I see lol

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Props to the camera person for not zooming in on the testical hairs.

  • RC Gamex
    RC Gamex

    I loved the little editor’s note 😂

  • Sara

    Am I the only one who noticed that Rhett's body is more fit that the other episodes?

  • Lord Nyte
    Lord Nyte

    I really hope didn’t have to retake any scenes

  • zuz o
    zuz o


  • S H
    S H

    Just wax it

  • zuz o
    zuz o


  • Alaina Garcia
    Alaina Garcia

    what am i watching...

  • Sharvay Nagaonkar
    Sharvay Nagaonkar

    Torturer's be like : I've found a video for my new technique

  • Keiona Lacy
    Keiona Lacy

    Stevie sounded so defeated when she said testicles 😂

  • JMJ JR11
    JMJ JR11

    It’s Stevie’s turn.

  • BraanFlakes08

    Fame has truest gotten to links head now. Cant even watch the show anymore because of how fake he’s gotten

  • sarajade86

    Science. Hair happens

  • TheFour Mechanix
    TheFour Mechanix

    I really thought they were going to do “no mans land” as the bonus round for a second at the end, wonder if that would have won

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu

    not me watching this video while plucking my body hairs 😴

  • T_F_Weston

    ..ooob - ahh - looba- loobies is the best thing that ever happened to a pair of 40 year old men on the internet 😂

  • Leo song
    Leo song

    ret looks toasted

  • Angel Chauca
    Angel Chauca

    lmaO people w trich knowing what all of it feels like

  • miqey t
    miqey t

    So this episode has given me answers to 2 things I figured but needed a little more clarification: It has solidified that Rhett loves his old man dad bod and these dudes dont man-scape w little heart designs

    • Melody Lisa
      Melody Lisa

      Not in the winter at least anyway lol

  • miqey t
    miqey t

    Me: please please mr crazy-muscular- scarey-intimidating-mob-boss-inforcer-goon!? Please pull the hair from my arm only SCAREY-MOB-BOSS-GOON: OK whatever makes u feel comfortable. ::proceeds to yank from under arms and another place I never knew grew hair at same time...

  • Mitchell Thompson
    Mitchell Thompson

    They forgot the perineum

  • JasonBason

    SCP fans watching them pick up golden tweezers: 👁👄👁

  • Currently Pooping
    Currently Pooping

    Is it weird that I somewhat wanted someone to walk in while I was watching this? I would have loved to see the look on an unexpected face seeing this.

  • Annie Yu
    Annie Yu

    So this is what is on the internet... Not surprised lol.

  • Eric Berger
    Eric Berger

    I want a soundboard with Stevie saying "It's nip time!"

  • Jack Wallis
    Jack Wallis

    The fact leg is only one more than nostril is INSANE

  • Calli

    I love how comfortable they are and then Link is just like I’m making eye contact 😂

  • Michael Korner
    Michael Korner

    Rhett starting strong with the joke to top all year “that’s not a pube”

  • Science or Something
    Science or Something

    wtf am I watching

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo


  • Lady Kennie Frog
    Lady Kennie Frog

    "Family show" 🤣

  • Charles Hancher
    Charles Hancher

    Should have kept the 2 bags of hair for the next food episode! X-D

  • Max Tee
    Max Tee

    What has GMM turned into? I still love the content though.

  • Tayeba Quddus
    Tayeba Quddus

    why did this video cause me have a crush on them now?

    • Averielle Walker
      Averielle Walker

      Ive been having a crush on them, especially Link

  • Shalini Pehrinparaj
    Shalini Pehrinparaj

    Rhett’s cave man hair is getting crazy!

  • Reagan Everett
    Reagan Everett

    Waxing would have been better.