Testing Weird Couples Products
Today, we're testing out some ridiculous couples products. GMM # 1903
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* Blue Microphones Mouse Microphone Kc: amzn.to/2Ybu12I

  • FawningLeaves

    Chet doesnt deserve that. ):

  • •

    Link looks like a parrot when he tries double glasses

  • Coveredintheshower

    When Rhett's hair gets messed up he looks like Damnyell

  • Gary Caserta
    Gary Caserta

    Why Fort Wayne? Seriously? I’m in the middle of crisis and then this

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown

    2:49 Anyone else reminded of Rhett's mysterious parisian "..oui oui" in the episode where they draw on their foreheads

  • hikageRAWR

    i can already see the fan fiction

  • youdonotexist_

    wattpad writers taking a field trip rn

  • Mia I
    Mia I

    make a kit for girl cuz i want like the brush,lip balm bag but i don’t want the beard and hair stuff

  • Willo Peda
    Willo Peda

    I love how the figures in the couple are not all heterosexual! It’s so cute!! 💗💗🌈🌈

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    how was the thrupple snuggie a sweet nothing?!?!!?? IT CAME WITH A TATER TOT!!

  • HMA Hisham
    HMA Hisham

    16:00 😂😂😂

  • XxPiRoXxX

    Every triad ever would love that throuple Snuggie

  • Kay

    The guy in the sausage costume is incredible.

  • ZeroHour

    Link, pronouncing the German word "Auge" (AOU-geh) meaning "eye": "Ooozh"

  • Random Way Of Life
    Random Way Of Life

    I also had a meeting with a business partner before ;)

  • Oragami Raven
    Oragami Raven

    Man bun

  • Rusty Squirrel
    Rusty Squirrel

    In that throuple snuggie, chase looks like the transition from Rhett to Link

  • Tushar Shah
    Tushar Shah

    this is by far the funniestt video ever guys!!!!!!

  • fire4bull

    3:31 oh that so cool humble bit shy gesture, makes my checks hold the smile on my face

  • Count Apathy
    Count Apathy

    Okay, that musical comb is the coolest thing I've ever seen

  • EZ1NK

    12:29. It's the most mythical creature the man wall

  • Genavieve Klipsch
    Genavieve Klipsch

    I stopped listing to their music to watch this

  • Isaac E
    Isaac E

    "Lemme dock you again, I didn't do it hands free"

  • CKG 1130
    CKG 1130

    welp everyone looks like gmm will do another fanfiction

  • Rebbecca Holte
    Rebbecca Holte

    Woah that comb is awesome

  • Matt

    “Weird couple products” Me: ITS CONFIRMED THEY LIKE EACH OTHER OHHHHH lol

  • Bad Conscience The Goat
    Bad Conscience The Goat

    Dat hotdog suit he ah trip fa dat😂😂😂😂😭😭

  • J Woody
    J Woody

    LMAO, wow.....

  • Elli Kramer
    Elli Kramer

    😂😂 Can I have the tunnel for my agility coarse

  • Cassie Marie
    Cassie Marie

    So when can we get the privacy tube as a Mythical Society quarterly item? 😂

  • Arias family#1
    Arias family#1

    So ALL of that goes into the grooming kit!?!?!??!!?😄😄WOW

  • Naterkix S
    Naterkix S

    This is gonna fuel the GMM fan-fictioners something fierce.

  • SINE

    We still good

  • Lydia Schlegel
    Lydia Schlegel

    I think I need more of sausage costume Chase in my life XD

  • Shaylin Collins
    Shaylin Collins

    They approved every single item. Not because of its use for couples, but because they are super fun for fully-grown man-children to play with. *Sidenote: They should make a line of these products specifically for being goofballs with your friends.

  • Daydream Nightly !!!
    Daydream Nightly !!!

    You can do it serphant king

  • Mary Pennington
    Mary Pennington

    I haven’t watched gmm in a week BUT I PROMISE TO VOTE FOR YALL IN THE STREAMYS AGAIN

  • talkamy talkamy
    talkamy talkamy

    The way rhett said just a meeting

  • C0ffee Ice
    C0ffee Ice

    this is a channel i can come back to and find stability . keep doing what y’all are doing guys

  • Daniel Hil
    Daniel Hil

    Chase looks like their son

  • nananana ohoh
    nananana ohoh

    Y’all looked like little trolls inside the privacy dome 😂😂😂😂

  • d t
    d t

    Cant wait for their lip balm to show up on "bring it back or nah that's whack".

  • epynephrine

    I don't watch for ONE week because of homework and THIS is what happens, I missed some g o o d content tf

  • MichelleOfDarkness

    They're all too funny 🤣 Love Sausage Chase. Had me on the floor laughing and in tears 😂

  • Meme GOD
    Meme GOD

    Ngl the spider on Links shirt kinda looks like the Danger Days spider from the cover of My Chemical Romance's Danger Days album (I'm a mcr fan)

  • Normie Peachey
    Normie Peachey

    The fan service 😂

  • Nicole Shank
    Nicole Shank

    I don't get why the snuggie was a sweet nothing.

  • absurdlyy

    "we're still good" will never get old

  • Officer Sheep tart
    Officer Sheep tart

    rhett and link use those glasses on there camping trip (ifykyk)

  • The Annihalator19
    The Annihalator19

    70s Rhett is my spirit animal

  • icka


  • Patty Bear
    Patty Bear

    The comb is GENIUS

  • Caitlyn Cawthon
    Caitlyn Cawthon

    I haven’t watched these guys in years and I come back to see Rhett has turned into a total hippie .... 😱 🤣 love it!! ❤️

  • Zach Dunford
    Zach Dunford

    Get Arin and Dan a pair of those glasses

  • SoZo Show
    SoZo Show

    gmm comb backwards?

  • Zion Benitez
    Zion Benitez

    You ever just look at Rhett while link is talking and think he’s trying to signal Morse code with his eyes? Because I do.

  • grace


  • Rainbow Rocks
    Rainbow Rocks

    Link: Good Luck with your love life! Me: THanks I'll need it

  • Sandyandi

    I just love Link's Very Busy Spider shirt

  • Лев Хорошилов
    Лев Хорошилов

    Wait. Rhetts shirt.

  • David Back
    David Back

    Who here wants to start a band with musical combs?! Can we do that; we can do that, right? THAT COMB PLAYS A DING DONG DANG JINGLE! What’s next? A musical chair?!??!!?1? XDDD If I don’t buy that comb, imma make one. I’ll tape six together and have my own friggin’ orchestra... good mythical night

  • Ray

    That musical comb is the coolest thing I've ever seen before in my life and I need one IMMEDIATELY

  • mstinasugar

    Rhett and link said poly rights with that throuple snuggie

  • Tierney Renat
    Tierney Renat

    Chase dancing around in a sausage costume is the best thing ever

  • LilithPat_

    Link in the intro just... beautiful..

  • - Apathy
    - Apathy

    12:26 you’re not slick link

  • sarajade86

    I laughed so hard. I needed that thank you. Lol

  • Sjlasse

    2 guys 1 wiener then the song p.... song plays 🤣🤣

  • Fatimah

    I am a woman but I want a beard to use their grooming products🤚

  • sedftnio

    I think these are more of a best friend thing than a partner thing

  • Rae

    *Ok so i actually really want the candy milk lip balm.. And the peanut butter peppermint one..*

  • Rae

    *1:49** the way link says this is great lol. Idk what it is but i love it and replayed it hehehe*

  • DumbleDork

    I really hope they do another fanfic reading episode after this...

  • Chinstrap Penguin Rules xx xx
    Chinstrap Penguin Rules xx xx

    funny how rhetts hair went up n links went down and now it’s the other way around

  • Karishma Persaud
    Karishma Persaud

    I want rhett's shirt!!!

  • Bree Delaney
    Bree Delaney

    Stevey "sexy"

  • Bree Delaney
    Bree Delaney

    Omg the comb is amazing

  • Bree Delaney
    Bree Delaney

    Chase omg he's my favorite

  • Daniel Pryde
    Daniel Pryde

    no wonder there is so much weird fan fiction around these two...

  • Shylene Marie
    Shylene Marie

    The sausage 🤣🤣

  • Leen mu
    Leen mu

    Omg you guys should definitely invite a drag queen

  • chase

    Snuggy messiahs

  • Mister Person
    Mister Person

    Chorizo Chase, 10/10

  • ON TOP
    ON TOP

    that was funny 😂

  • ON TOP
    ON TOP


  • DragonLord Skater
    DragonLord Skater

    If one of us farts, we all get warm"

  • Francois Bolduc
    Francois Bolduc

    Why everything link do always look ragged and rough. None of his motion are ever smooth,. He most break so much stuff on a daily basis.

  • Sophia Tellman
    Sophia Tellman

    Ok, that comb is really cool. Why aren’t more regular objects musical?

  • No Energy
    No Energy

    The musical comb is actually really cool

  • Blake Palin
    Blake Palin

    A sausage party

  • light yagami
    light yagami

    these goblin people don’t deserve stevie

  • lynndec22

    “This is just a meeting” is like the GMM version of “I’m an accountant” from TikTok.

    • Taylor

      I thought the same 🤣

  • Kylee Falk-grant
    Kylee Falk-grant

    Oh I can see the fanfic being wrote now 🥴

  • Kate Lincoln
    Kate Lincoln

    I don't have a beard or any reason to get that grooming set... but I want that comb :0

  • cutiepiglete

    I like Link's Eric Carle spider sweater

  • jinglekeys43

    That comb is actually bonkers!

  • Ananda Torres
    Ananda Torres

    The couples wine glass would be great on a first date as a precaution that the other person won’t poison you 😂

  • ابو محمد الشعبي
    ابو محمد الشعبي


  • stolentoilet ASMR
    stolentoilet ASMR

    i really like rhetts shirt

  • Milo Boczon
    Milo Boczon

    These guys were my childhood.