What's The Most Expensive Item At Target? (Mini Golf Game)
Today, we're playin golf and answering some Target trivia. GMM # 1899
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  • Chairty Cooper
    Chairty Cooper

    Of course it was the iPad pro. It's an apple product.

  • Tiana Clark
    Tiana Clark

    been of youtube for a couple weeks and missed u guys the most. 😭

  • Lindsey M
    Lindsey M

    Chase is a damn treasure

  • Matthew Croyle
    Matthew Croyle

    There should be a rule that the previous winner has to wear the jacket on the last hole as a disadvantage. That’s be funny to watch

  • Robert West
    Robert West

    “I know, but I have a little thing that tells how to actually say it” 😂

  • Jessica Nicklin
    Jessica Nicklin

    Anyone know where links sweater is possibly from

  • Skinny Buddha
    Skinny Buddha

    Says on Target's website that the 65inch Samsung is 2000, and that's on sale from 2700

  • Katelyn3666

    I love this game I just can't help but feel badly for Link that he hasn't won yet.

  • Kebab Kings
    Kebab Kings

    lovew your video guys keep up the great work

  • Jay Y
    Jay Y

    I love every episode where Chase exists on screen in an outfit. He always elevates the situation

  • Khristoff YT
    Khristoff YT

    Right eye

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis

    Chase is hilarious.

  • Nickolis Schaeffer
    Nickolis Schaeffer

    Link will win one these days

  • S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
    S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

    Why is chase walking like a girl?

  • Jacob Minster
    Jacob Minster

    I just wanna know what’s so special about an iPad Pro that it’s more expensive than a TV?...

  • TAE livision
    TAE livision

    Okay but whenever Chase is in a video, he STEALS the show! Give that man a raise😭😂

  • gunnerlala

    Chase is the highlight of this episode. He was STOMPING that runway in those wedges lol

  • king james
    king james

    The absolute chemistry between the two in the beginning was absolutely perfect

  • JustHayley.

    Chase’s model walk is impeccable. 😂

  • Jeff Homama
    Jeff Homama

    Ojai Valley Taxedermy......Nope

  • Cadren Adams
    Cadren Adams

    Being from SL, UT, I could tell those two at the end were from here the second they spoke.

  • pabloozamora

    I love how the jacket already has an “R” on it, as if Link's never gonna win it

  • Levette Nash
    Levette Nash

    Anyone have a clue has to where I can acquire Links cool cardigan?

  • Mycelius

    Is it just me or is Rhett wearing a grass robe

  • Joey Spiegel
    Joey Spiegel

    Did Rhett quote Steve Brule?

  • tac0

    YOu know when you visit your grandma , and she ask what you do for a living? yeah chase you should lie.

  • Just Some Guy With A Disguise
    Just Some Guy With A Disguise

    13:28 “(Rhett’s cheer transitions into rage)”

  • Baki Hanma
    Baki Hanma

    lol Link said "I have more uncles than you." haahaahhahahha

  • Andy

    Will Link ever win this game?

  • Veronika Figg
    Veronika Figg

    i love the idea of good mythical props! plz make that come ture

    • Veronika Figg
      Veronika Figg


  • Hailey Gardner
    Hailey Gardner


  • Slyrsu

    Is it just me or is there a short clip from never gonna give you up in the intro?

  • jurrione

    What happened to knife-girl? I only remember her from her introduction on the show as new crew. But I can't remeber what gmmore that was.

  • Caleb Cartier
    Caleb Cartier

    It's over his right

  • Morgan Mikolajczyk
    Morgan Mikolajczyk

    ANYBODY know where I can find a sweater like the one Link is wearing? Itd be cool if Link himself could answer where he got it, but I am desperate for that sweater. I NEED IT 🤤

  • ymfge akftcv
    ymfge akftcv

    The gifted romanian spatially contain because stepson holly encourage underneath a abortive dogsled. massive, hapless domain

  • Leah Taylor
    Leah Taylor

    Havnt watched in a while and I love the new intro lol

  • Lindsey Guerrero
    Lindsey Guerrero

    ...what is yhat

  • mojo

    chase is absolutely slayin on the catwalk 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dzone

    I lowkey want Chase's trousers

  • Left Right
    Left Right

    Imagine wearing AstroTurf

  • Klemen Petrič
    Klemen Petrič

    nice one

  • Dariusz Serafin
    Dariusz Serafin

    Discontinued test more more more more more MORE snacks editon

  • Torri Johnson
    Torri Johnson

    I freaking love Chase lol

  • Stang C
    Stang C

    No questions asked. I’m in

  • Joe

    If I were chase, I would have kicked the tube when they said there's nothing he could do.

  • Infinity animation Production
    Infinity animation Production

    GMM episode 1899

  • Let’s Hit 1
    Let’s Hit 1

    How did you guys meet?

  • Luna Bemo
    Luna Bemo

    I want your jacket link! where did you get it?

  • Jade Tamar
    Jade Tamar

    *** me working at target and wondering the same thing 🥲

  • Taylor Murray
    Taylor Murray

    Can you guys make another travel mug

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher

    It’s his right eye bro lol

  • Kevin Pearson
    Kevin Pearson

    I was honestly hoping Link would win the jacket for once lol

  • Kevin Pearson
    Kevin Pearson

    Chase is handling that cat walk 😆

  • Stellios Bassakaropoulos
    Stellios Bassakaropoulos

    can we just appreciate Rhett's jacket

  • Joshiesgotagun

    Man, they're playing that game that Link always loses.

  • Sam O'Neil
    Sam O'Neil

    If you see this, buy $kai right now

  • cytrackofficial

    We look Good and we are fire God mtical mornign is teBest!

  • Ana Tuitavake
    Ana Tuitavake

    Can you guys please react to Hawaiian lollies? 🍭

  • Mae Elliott
    Mae Elliott

    You should do a “trying all little Debbie” episode

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I haven’t watched these guys in along time

  • Mark Hulce
    Mark Hulce


  • Connor.Patrick


  • Grrr Cassie
    Grrr Cassie

    Has anyone seen Jordan?

  • Teak K
    Teak K

    I feel like I'd enjoy the show more if everyone was in a mask unless they're eating. Especially the crew

  • stryker942


  • Brendan Brady
    Brendan Brady

    Am I the only one who still doesnt understand the scoring system for these

  • coolcupcake 145
    coolcupcake 145

    Link is always eager and hoping he wins so he can wear the jacket but deep down inside I think he really doesn't want to.

  • Atrayox2

    Grass jacket.

  • Nicholas Patel
    Nicholas Patel

    Rhett and link need to switch hair to restore balance to the universe

  • Tyler Bryant
    Tyler Bryant

    Chase got me all sorts of confused

  • Dan Landstrom
    Dan Landstrom

    Link's boots are really nice. Anybody got any idea what they are?

  • Morgan Grace
    Morgan Grace

    Chase brings me such joy.

  • ladypearl929

    You guys should do a will it quesadilla and the last will it item should be dish soap because I have a dream about Rhett said in Japan they use dish soap as mouthwash.

  • Jake Iszard
    Jake Iszard

    Bol lard. Bol as in spag bol , Lard as in hard. Cant believe they can’t say bollard.

  • Stephanie Aguirre
    Stephanie Aguirre

    I'm tired of seeing Rhett win


    SLC Utah huh...wonder if I know them

  • 80's wannabe
    80's wannabe

    Anyone else watching because they had a dream last night and Link was in it ? ........ just me ok

  • Molly Sand
    Molly Sand

    Does anyone else think link is starting to look more and more like his dad?

  • Coletino90 2
    Coletino90 2

    will it poptart but you dont have to

  • A Birjas
    A Birjas


  • Jc918606

    You guys need to do a will it fountain video. Like put weird things in a chocolate fountain and end with pigs blood 😂😂

  • morgan leflore
    morgan leflore

    I love links sweater 🥰

  • Matthew Meade
    Matthew Meade

    Try to get Brayden Holtby on this show, he looks like Rhett. Stanley Cup winning goalie with the Capitals , playing with the Vancouver Canucks right now.

  • Grace Talmadge
    Grace Talmadge

    Not gonna lie, ya'll... Chase is ROCKIN those wedges! YAS QUEEN!

    • mojo

      he is a fashionista 😍

  • Michael England
    Michael England

    Need to do this to Walmart

  • Elizabeth Clements
    Elizabeth Clements


  • Egg with legs
    Egg with legs

    I love that wink chase made with his red eye

  • Eugene Ax
    Eugene Ax

    Link rocking that dad sweater

  • Crunchy Sound
    Crunchy Sound

    Plzzz support me

  • _ RamanNoodleNick _
    _ RamanNoodleNick _

    the video of you guys eating bugs like 6 years ago was the first ISnets video I ever watched. Also is that tranchula you won in that video still alive?

  • louie licos
    louie licos

    Jollibee taste test please

  • Yusuf Masood
    Yusuf Masood

    Who remembers the chicken in the intro

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry

    Everybody would work&shop at target

  • Steven Poloskey
    Steven Poloskey

    Didn’t she say ‘the dog’s left eye’ has a ring? (Not left for the viewer)

  • Jamez bullock
    Jamez bullock

    Where can I get that jacket

  • King Holmvik
    King Holmvik

    Would rather see stevie up on that catwalk

  • AK Buttè
    AK Buttè

    This man catwalking on there 😂🤦‍♂️

  • SirOverdrive

    Who else came back to GMM years later and cried because of the old memories?

  • King Wiley #100
    King Wiley #100

    I have worked at Target and I heated it