We Take An Inkblot Personality Test
Today, we're taking a Rorschach test and learning what it says about us. GMM # 1901
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  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me

    *CAUTION* Video Not Intended For Family Veiwing

  • Chris Eliot Hernandez
    Chris Eliot Hernandez

    ❤️ Stevie

  • Fubie

    I failed the common sense card....

  • Avery

    On number 4 I see sauron and his tower. I think I have a few problem

  • Ada Dymek
    Ada Dymek

    14:04 - you're welcome ☺️

  • amanda ramos
    amanda ramos

    Stevie is so beautiful!!😭🤤

  • Katherine Kellner
    Katherine Kellner


    • Katherine Kellner
      Katherine Kellner

      So, I saw Rhett call another card a badger head. However, I saw a demon so idk what to think about that. :)

  • Apryll Schriner
    Apryll Schriner

    Th first 3 i saw animals, mainly elefents.... then the 4th one i saw a raw chicin or an animal hide 5th one UNICORN or bugs.

  • Nicolás Agámez Rojas
    Nicolás Agámez Rojas

    On the third one I saw Ultron's face XD

  • Classy Freeza
    Classy Freeza

    I saw a badger on number 3 immediately.

  • Jessica McWilliams
    Jessica McWilliams

    idk why but this is hilarious 😂

  • Dale A
    Dale A

    The first one, I see Wile E Coyote staring at me. With an evil smile.

  • Eddie Newman
    Eddie Newman

    Not funny!!! 🖓

  • Woof Woof
    Woof Woof

    Kind of unrelated but the ink blot that they held up at the introduction looked like the grooving meme 😭

  • BriLexis

    The last one I see a uterus

  • BriLexis

    12:28 I see like the dark lord chilling adventures of sabrina style it was flipped the other way

  • Amelia Sky.x
    Amelia Sky.x

    For the first one (how I approach new things) I saw two of those plague doctors in protective suits that didn’t even work... PFFFTTT

  • Clare Simon
    Clare Simon

    9:13 was I the only one to see a tiger with a butterfly on its head?

  • Jester Gnome
    Jester Gnome

    T-Shirt FRONT TEXT: I'm not sexually frustrated BACK TEXT: But I do sexually frustrate ;)

  • Ash Dragonton
    Ash Dragonton

    I saw animals 1st a wolf pack 2nd a cat 3rd a butterfly and 4th a turtle

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown

    For the 3rd one (I think it was the 3rd) where Rhett saw the 2 women and Link saw an alien with a Bikini. The first thing I saw was a skull. In between the two ladies at the bottom there is a skull. That's the first thing I saw.

  • Arienne Benjamin
    Arienne Benjamin


  • seepan

    My brother was a huge fan of rett and link he would watch them while falling asleep and wake up to these two on the tv. He passed away in may in his sleep. man y’all make a prayer for my brother

  • Karmah's Law
    Karmah's Law

    I took the test.....it says I'm mildly disturbed. They got that wrong....I'm highly disturbed!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤪🥴

  • Andrue Juan
    Andrue Juan

    I can't wait for this show to never end

  • Happy Goth
    Happy Goth

    When a fun little episode becomes a full on psychological argument between spouses on personality 😬😬

  • AussieAnnie62

    1st image to me was a doggy face

  • Meme GOD
    Meme GOD

    "I'm not sexually frustrated" "But I do sexually frustrate😏" *bites lip* *winks* LINK- I-

  • Xyode

    The reaction at 11:40 tho HAHA

  • Jesse Jalapeño
    Jesse Jalapeño

    Anybody else just keep seeing hogs? No? Just me? Cool. Cool cool cool.

  • Andrew Norton
    Andrew Norton

    Stevie should come on the podcast

  • Snowpea sophie
    Snowpea sophie

    Number 3 is a butterfly to me

  • Filthy Shrek
    Filthy Shrek

    4:22 thats Iggy from JoJo just sideways, you can't trick me

  • Clayton Cowan
    Clayton Cowan

    Card number four looked like a dude on a motorcycle to me

  • Michael Angelo Torres
    Michael Angelo Torres


  • Guillermo z
    Guillermo z

    Two elephants on the second one

  • Gabriel Eunice
    Gabriel Eunice

    For the animal hide one I saw a frog.

  • Marco Ricardi de Abreu
    Marco Ricardi de Abreu

    It1s actually a very bad thing to show the Rorschach plaques in a youtube video. This is a valid method of psychological evalution that can help a lot of people, but if you get pre exposed to these contents it can completely invalidate the evaluation process.

  • ginny anderson
    ginny anderson

    I will say that doesn’t feel professional! 😂😂😂☠️

  • Adie Stone
    Adie Stone

    This makes me realise I’m very unusual.

  • Kayla Coco
    Kayla Coco

    Stevie's lesbian energy has inspired my lesbian energy

  • Emcron

    1) frontal view of a Ceratopsian skull 2) silhouette of a fighter jet against dark clouds 3) frontal view of insect face with red eyes 4) frontal view of a wild boar/elephant 5) a Madi Gras dancer in flowery costume ...am I weird?

  • Princess Cori
    Princess Cori

    I saw two yodas riding a motorcycle for the first one 😳

  • Kayleigh’s Camera
    Kayleigh’s Camera

    I have never seen Stevie before omg

  • sergeant mason
    sergeant mason

    11:43 oh kinky much

  • DonEstoppel


  • Zoe Zoe
    Zoe Zoe

    I often saw angry/evil faces.

  • Cole

    "My tids are on you"

  • Melsteriffic Mama
    Melsteriffic Mama

    I took this test years ago. They told me that I was sexually dysfunctional. I didn't see most of the things listed here. I saw some of the things mentioned here, but mostly I saw animals and insects. I think my evaluator was sexually dysfunctional.

  • TheVisionaryMMATV -Christian Le
    TheVisionaryMMATV -Christian Le

    Stevie wants the pipes

  • Kathy Somers
    Kathy Somers

    Some people find it comforting to see two beings doing something together. Other people find comfort in symmetry. Neither thing means what you think it means lol That big blot was clearly a heavy guy on a motorcycle.

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz


  • WildernessDJ

    First one was Bowser from Mario all day.

  • Shin

    Rhett was very creative with his answers, I was so amazed


    4K please

  • Taxfoo

    his hair

  • Natalie Rizos-Paredones
    Natalie Rizos-Paredones

    "it's hair product, i promise' HAHAHAHA

  • Cj Crossthwaite
    Cj Crossthwaite

    I dont understand how to hooman anymore

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith

    why does Link not go by Charles, but instead Link?

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith

    i spent this whole video saying “i see ink”

  • Amanda Jacobs
    Amanda Jacobs

    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t see anything in the 4th image.?

  • SoftBank47

    Next time I take a Rorschach test, I’m gonna try and break it by giving the most abstract answers possible. I can’t be the only one who has had this idea.

  • Emily Patrick
    Emily Patrick

    I saw elephants in, like, half of these...

  • agauerm

    It baffles me how this ridiculous "test" can be used to label people, as if they had a clue of how the mind really works.

  • Frank Page
    Frank Page

    Wow! I never knew the Eiffel Tower was in Italy. 😅

  • grady Loftin
    grady Loftin

    Someone tell me why I see animals in every blot? I saw a wolf a badger a wart hog and a goat in chronological order

  • voidremoved

    Here is my evaluation... Rhett is insecure and Link is compensating

  • Dylan Gardner
    Dylan Gardner

    The first one is two thick ass Pikachu

  • slugpatrol

    no one even mentioned the narwhales holding hands and dancing together are y'all blind

  • ghostgirl1971 inc.
    ghostgirl1971 inc.

    Y'all saw booties i saw a 😈.

  • 0110101100011010

    They all looked like cooked turkeys to me

  • Sev Bar
    Sev Bar

    As a licensed psychologist who specializes in psychological testing, this is really funny but also incredibly frustrating. Showing the images of the actual test helps invalidate the test even more. It’s so irritating. You could have used fake inkblots just as easily. Also so much misinformation in this. It would have been kind of fun to score your responses for real but it wasn’t administered in a way that really makes that possible. You pretty much did half the test bc there is a second phase where the administrator goes back to try to understand what about the pictures makes you see what you see. Also the scoring takes like hours and hours to do. I use the Rorschach very infrequently and only in certain circumstances, but it’s definitely an interesting tool

  • Percy Rowling
    Percy Rowling

    Rhett is just being really creative with what he says he gives it a whole back ground story 🤣

  • Game World Intel
    Game World Intel

    Love this video 🤣🤣👍🏽

  • Ceri

    Consider doing a dream analysis episode. That'd be ace

    • Shannon Banks
      Shannon Banks

      ooo i love this idea

  • Laurie Owen
    Laurie Owen

    Honest evaluation on a test where someone looks at a picture that can be interpreted in many ways? 😂😂

  • Rebeca Hernandez
    Rebeca Hernandez

    Ok, they should take the Myers Briggs test

    • Rebeca Hernandez
      Rebeca Hernandez

      @Barta Private Learning Academy ohhhhh okay, cool! I'm an INFP as well

    • Barta Private Learning Academy
      Barta Private Learning Academy

      I think they’ve talked about it before. I seem to vaguely remember Link saying he’s an INFP at some point, because I remember thinking he has the same personality type as me. I think... lol

  • JoelRichardson

    Wanted to give you a little treat, for being a good boy.

  • Nicole Prather
    Nicole Prather

    Came down to the comments to see if anyone psycho-analyzed Rhett & Link

  • bob reno
    bob reno

    2nd looks like 2 opossums on their front legs next to each other

  • Noah Lowrance
    Noah Lowrance

    More Stevie is always appreciated 💙 ❤

  • acommonspat

    They all looked like Rhett's bear shirt, except for the last. Which looked like a bear was finger painting.

  • Andrius Ventura
    Andrius Ventura


  • Chase Høpkins
    Chase Høpkins

    I didn’t even react to the colors in the 2nd one. Dang I may need to see someone.

  • Maggie Dahms
    Maggie Dahms

    The face at 11:48 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Paige Sparks
    Paige Sparks

    Oh gosh I have scored the Rorschach as a clinical psychology doctoral student and I would love to actually score yours for real! This is great but also, it would be rad.

  • Shadow Tribe
    Shadow Tribe

    Stevie is so funny 🤣 good show

  • charlie aka shawty bae
    charlie aka shawty bae

    what i've learned from this is that stevie definitely listens to girl in red.

  • spencer durham
    spencer durham

    Had to watch again just to see link smile at the camera in the last clip.

  • Blake Billion
    Blake Billion

    Rhett just waking up

    • Blake Billion
      Blake Billion

      ur not going crazy ur just waking up friend ❤

  • Ervinzky Geraldi
    Ervinzky Geraldi

    First picture Stevie: "So Tell me what do you see?" Me: "a pretty butterfly"

  • Ananda Torres
    Ananda Torres

    Link: “this is a very colorful depiction of the female anatomy” Stevie: “it’s a treat for being such a good boy” 😂😂😂 Omg that got me rollin

    • Amanda Morgan Jones
      Amanda Morgan Jones

      The way she said it, all saucy like, had me rollin' too! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Daichendt
    Adam Daichendt

    The fourth one looks like a man On a motorbike.

  • Kinjiru731

    It makes me happy that after all these years you guys still do the boop boop boop thing for research.

  • Hennessy

    Number two is clearly two bears dancing 😂

  • Amelia Megow
    Amelia Megow

    What the heck. I see the same things as Rhett!

  • Josh Busch
    Josh Busch

    I'd like to know where rhett's hoodie is from....

  • Lillian Ruth
    Lillian Ruth

    yayy they did this on my birthday😄

  • morhiahable

    “You’re both fully dis functional!” Well said Link

  • Pookybear

    What I see: 1. A pelvis 2. Two grizzly bears playing patty cake by a campfire 3. A moth 4. A warthog's head 5. A bouquet of flowers