BBQ Peanut Butter Food vs. Peanut Butter BBQ Food Taste Test
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Is BBQ peanut butter food better than peanut butter BBQ food? GMM #1884
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  • Katie Schuman
    Katie Schuman

    There's a snack called Bamba, it's like cheese puff but peanut butter. It's Israeli but you should very easily be able to find it in like a trader joes or something

  • Kendall Shelby
    Kendall Shelby

    I knew the bbq sauce pb&j would win because my family makes meatballs with jelly and bbq sauce and it’s delicious. They’re such a good combo.

  • Andi Galvin-Manico
    Andi Galvin-Manico

    Peanut butter doesnt go in pad Thai .....

  • ashlyn renee
    ashlyn renee

    idea: “salty foods sour vs. sour foods salty. which has power and which is faulty?”

  • Hope Damaris
    Hope Damaris


  • Aubieone

    Whoever voted = fail. 🤪

  • ThatTallGuyEli

    I want to know how to make those PB Potato chips

  • mohammad hammad
    mohammad hammad

    We in Jordan have peanut butter chips for decades and its the bomb

  • William Faix
    William Faix

    Psa, saying “swag” isn’t “in”

  • Nichole Venable
    Nichole Venable

    I use jelly and BBQ when making BBQ meatballs. So I can see how the sandwich would work

  • Megan Shaw
    Megan Shaw

    We have peanut flavoured crisps (or chips as you guys say) here in England, UK! One of my favourite go-to snacks 😍😍

  • Blacksheep Livin'
    Blacksheep Livin'

    The BBQ&J is basically lil Smokey’s sauce

  • Erni Deuzen
    Erni Deuzen

    One of my comfort joys is a pb and crushes tortilla chips. Mmmmm

  • Deur'l Short
    Deur'l Short

    Hamburger toppings vs hotdog toppings

  • JayNoob

    Please sirs, may I have some mor?

  • Libby Smigelski
    Libby Smigelski

    Omg he did not say swag is still a thing people say

  • Dog Speak
    Dog Speak

    We have pb and j wings here. sweet, salty, spicy. Those things are addictive!

  • Mark E Kar
    Mark E Kar

    why didnt he granulate the bbq sauce in the cup?

  • Mark E Kar
    Mark E Kar

    peanut butter chips exist. theyre awesome. pb chips have been around in europe for decades. in the states, not as much but theyre arond

  • Ashley Jensen
    Ashley Jensen

    I love pb on a hamburger

  • Madisyn Babb
    Madisyn Babb

    ugh I love pb

  • Abuse for Views
    Abuse for Views

    Josh really needs to do these kinds of episodes. I’m sorry Trevor but it’s true.


    Well most bbq sauce has grape jelly in jg

  • Ginger Holiday
    Ginger Holiday

    I got these peanut butter “Cheeto” things from Trader Joe’s. They were life changing.

  • Smilla Wafer
    Smilla Wafer



    Bag, tagged, and gagged

  • Ronald FlobJobbin
    Ronald FlobJobbin

    Good Mythical Peanut Butter

  • Everett Michael Jonathan Dooner
    Everett Michael Jonathan Dooner

    3:02 I really wanted link to say thigh land

  • Kat Storm
    Kat Storm

    I've only ever had 1 bottle of wine that I liked so I don't think they'd be able to find something I'm guaranteed to like.

  • Soraw Fatt
    Soraw Fatt

    Korea has peanut butter chips

  • Mejgi Joon
    Mejgi Joon

    we have peanut (butter) rings in Sweden, they are basically like chips. SOO good!!!!

  • Young Border Hop
    Young Border Hop

    There was an opportunity for salt snd vinegar reeses and you missed it

  • Tiashe Varuhaito
    Tiashe Varuhaito

    im actually tried bbq chocolate and chilli before, taste so good

  • kitsumie

    morristown TN rep!

  • AlexZandria

    I have such a weak stomach just hearing barbecued peanut butter cups made me gag.

  • Bridget Darby
    Bridget Darby

    Swag is cool 🤣🤣

  • Leclaire Bob
    Leclaire Bob

    I don’t like bbq sauce

  • Preston Bishop
    Preston Bishop

    The psychotic pressure analytically mourn because step-sister rhetorically arrest like a awesome walrus. terrific, fanatical alley

  • Ari Jordan
    Ari Jordan

    Lays literally makes PB&J Chips

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger

    He's not close to the first to make those chips, try bamba, they're like cheeto puffs but made from peanuts

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    "I can't believe these don't exist" * me eating store bought peanut flavored chips*

  • MLMLee

    It’s funny watching them try to describe the food

  • CyberWolf 5 7 8
    CyberWolf 5 7 8

    well that was a (oliver) TWIST

  • Louis Legault
    Louis Legault

    What happened to chef Josh? 🙁

  • SeriousHex

    theres a peanut butter puff snack food that exists, its basically like a cheese curl, but with peanut butter powder instead of cheese powder. and its delicious, so the peanut butter chips being good isnt much of a stretch.

  • Possavee Srikissanapol
    Possavee Srikissanapol

    peanutbutter is not even belong in padthai recipe in thailand as same as democracy and freedom in thailand

  • king james
    king james

    How do y’all come up with this stuff lmaoooo

  • Anne Katrine Christensen
    Anne Katrine Christensen

    Episode idea - does peanutbutter cover a world of hurt better than chocolate? Or what's been combined with peanutbutter?

  • Labelle Shahda
    Labelle Shahda

    Im lebanese and we have peanut butter chips and they are delicious

  • kyle caraway
    kyle caraway

    Put some Hershey kisses in a bag of BBQ chips its the bomb

  • mexicangirl139

    Did Rhett say “noods only?”😂

  • Casey Duncan
    Casey Duncan

    I eat on and jalepeno all the time lol

    • Casey Duncan
      Casey Duncan

      Jalepeno jelly that is lol

  • Bunlikely

    P sure you just invented stobi flips again with those peanut butter chips

  • Vv

    الحين القناة كثيرر يتابعونها عرب ومرات تحطون مقاطعم وعاجزين تحطون ترجمه عربيه !!!!!!

  • Vivoxy

    Peanut Thai chips exists but thats something else and I can say they are the best but idk about peanutbutter lol

  • The 44K
    The 44K

    Lorenz's Peanut Curly Crisps

  • morhiahable

    I think the problem is that the voters weren't sure that you were going to try to make the peanut butter dishes good or just peanut butter by itself. I can't believe I am saying this but Josh would have tried to make the peanut butter flavors work with what they were paired with. Bbq sauce is also more complex than peanut butter. I think maybe switching somethings with a red sauce with things with gravy would be more of a comparable switch and you would likely get closer results with what is voted.

    • morhiahable

      I am not saying the new cook is bad, the peanut butter situation wasn't explained to the voters.

  • Michael Gatlin
    Michael Gatlin

    Those chips are bussin

  • Chris Daughtry
    Chris Daughtry

    I bet the bbq and jelly sandwich is like the meatballs some southern women make with grape jelly. They’re the best and I’m sure Rhett and Link would know all about them!

  • LordGorgonzola

    swag is not cool >:C

  • Tehemochild 2003
    Tehemochild 2003

    If u go to Costco’s in Scotland u get permit butter flavoured crisps and puffs

  • Troy Kroell
    Troy Kroell

    Rea adam lz fans had flashbacks from the pizza

  • Bernice Trapp
    Bernice Trapp

    I get trader joe’s peanut butter puffs. Which are peanut butter chess puffs, and they’re delicious!

  • Mr Eddie
    Mr Eddie

    I wonder what bbq sauce they used to make all these. That would matter!

  • Catherine Pierini
    Catherine Pierini

    Yinz say you are shocked no one has done peanut butter potato chips, but I’ve been eating peanut butter on my chips for years.

  • SwedishWolf86

    Here in sweden they just started making lentel curl chips with peanut butter taste

  • Amber Cox
    Amber Cox

    Should of done jelly and bbq meatballs.

  • XxLasairBalorxX

    Barbecue sauce and grape jelly 100% goes together, it’s part of how we make barbecue meatballs for football games and such lol

  • Magical Metamon
    Magical Metamon

    I put bbq and grape jelly in my meatball recipe like as a sauce and its amazing so that bbq&jelly sandwhich actualy doesnt surprise me

  • Caleb Lackey
    Caleb Lackey

    Bbq and jelly are fantastic together Put some little hotdogs or meatballs in a crockpot with bbq and grape jelly. One of the greatest game day appetizers available. Easy and delicious.

  • FruityLushuz

    there is a popular israeli 'chip' snack that is similar to our cheetos puffs but over there the flavour coating is peanut butter.

  • Swagingexo_osh

    Actually there is peanut flavoured chips (in my country at least) and they taste pretty good

  • Dr McNugget
    Dr McNugget

    Good Mythical Chips...make this happen

  • Tyler Magoon
    Tyler Magoon

    9:28 Had me WEAK 😂

  • Tyler Magoon
    Tyler Magoon

    Swagged tagged bagged and bizzomed 😂

  • Dorothea Le
    Dorothea Le


  • Shane Daniel
    Shane Daniel

    Why doesn’t josh get asked what did ya do anymore

  • Neil Mchugh
    Neil Mchugh

    gawd, link would fit right in at my kids table... grabs chocolate.... starts to break and leak everywhere.... link thinking "no reason to stop here" acts shocked when he makes a mess

  • Jordan

    Yes, make those peanut butter chips

  • Clay3613

    I can't trust these two anymore, BBQ and chocolate do not mix!

  • Arya Nugraha
    Arya Nugraha

    Can anyone tell me "WHERE IS JOSH??"

  • Colin Daly
    Colin Daly

    Peanut butter chips kinda was done before with the discontinued Reese's Scoops.

  • Mitchell Hartley
    Mitchell Hartley

    Where the heck is Josh?

  • Roxy G
    Roxy G

    the conceit of this episode is a bit odd to me. are peanut butter and barbecue opposites??

  • Charles Barnette
    Charles Barnette

    Barbeque and jelly goes great on mini sausages

  • ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

    It means that people are choosing Burger and Pizza, No Matter whats on or in there

  • FENNEC ?
    FENNEC ?

    links hands at 9:13 make my ocd feel sick

  • iibnf

    Aldi sells peanut butter chips (only once a year in Australia). I think the brand is Octoberfest or something. Really good. German or Australian import and worth waiting the year and stocking up.

  • Blue Panda3
    Blue Panda3

    Not peanut butter chips but puppy Chow

  • Liz C
    Liz C

    I'm sure they could easily retire at this point

  • Mr thunder
    Mr thunder

    Do pad Thai really being served with peanut butter in regular basis??

  • Adam Mokdad
    Adam Mokdad

    The lacking fireplace additonally walk because freighter expectedly calculate within a unbiased grandmother. murky, scrawny cheese

  • Alex Olson
    Alex Olson

    2 minutes of this video was a sponsor for alcohol. They should not be endorsing things like this. Alcoholism is a serious problem.

  • essence matlock
    essence matlock

    i legit would buy everything that Josh and Trevor make on gmm and gmk yall really need to turn into a side factory and brand stuff lmao but seriously tho yall would make extra bank becuz your followers would be all over it

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams

    I want the peanut butter chips

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    IT'S PEANUT BUTTER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaliyah Rasheed
    Aaliyah Rasheed

    Rhett, nice sweater

  • KOFFIN nails
    KOFFIN nails

    Most people take little smokeys and cook them with grape jelly and BBQ sauce.

  • Courtnie Nielson
    Courtnie Nielson

    Watching in Utah: wine in grocery stores?! Haha

    • Kat Storm
      Kat Storm

      Some Targets have liquor stores in them. Same with CVS pharmacy.

    • Emily Schulz
      Emily Schulz

      Same in Maryland... it’s a sad sad world