Can We Beat Our Fans' Weird Talents? (Challenge)
Today, we're seeing if we can perform Mythical Beasts' weird talents better than them. GMM # 1907
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  • KP Tube
    KP Tube

    EHT!! I lived there for a bit! Jersey!!

  • Tiffany Yeadon
    Tiffany Yeadon

    I wonder how far away the camera is so that they can frame Rhett's whole body? 🤔

  • dragon master
    dragon master

    Heyyyy that person at the end is my friend! She’s a teacher

  • daveanand harack
    daveanand harack

    Shoutout to the two Canadians 🇨🇦

  • Chloe Forbes-Desilets
    Chloe Forbes-Desilets

    More videos like this please

  • dee aaytee
    dee aaytee

    13:30 "Thats easy, we can do this, anybody can do this" i luv link hes so funny, "how do you feel about you doing it" lol.

  • Dania Kh
    Dania Kh

    This episode deserves way many more views it’s hilarious 😂

  • Whats-My-Fandom

    That chainmail suits Rhett very well! 7:06 Ooooohhh!! 8:53 Rhett's face XD 9:13 He wins in my book LMFAO 10:09 She must be a big hit with dogs lol

  • Rafi Jk
    Rafi Jk

    I keep coming back to this to see Link making kissing noises

  • Butterfly Girl
    Butterfly Girl

    You guys are still awesome!!

  • Eugene Aguilar
    Eugene Aguilar

    Nobody gonna talk about how Link turned the mouse into an actual mouse? 😂😂

  • Justin Babb
    Justin Babb

    When you realize Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC song are the same tune


    5:46 just close your eyes

  • Lizzie Medlin
    Lizzie Medlin

    11:05 😅

  • Emily McCain
    Emily McCain

    This was one of the best episodes in a while. So funny

  • Titus Davis
    Titus Davis

    8:11 "Good Luck"

  • ana banana
    ana banana

    is this a fever dream

  • lush flush
    lush flush

    Very fun episode loved it.

  • ꧁Sღbrina ꧂
    ꧁Sღbrina ꧂

    Let’s do more. I’ll submit mine

  • jeditff

    gmm is slowly becoming icarly

  • Sant Amanda
    Sant Amanda

    I am legitimately impressed with Nor's talent! It's so cute and actually pretty hard to do. NOR, PLEASE TEACH US YOUR WAYS

  • Courtney Carter
    Courtney Carter

    I LOST IT when Rhett started jumping around dancing when Link started beat boxing. 😂😭

    • Chris N Design
      Chris N Design

      It's me the yoyo dude from the video! I specifically chose yoyoing and beatboxing in hopes they chose it and perform it. I KNEW it would be hilarious for them to try it! 😂😂. I'm happy that it got you to laugh!

  • Baylee Hatch
    Baylee Hatch

    Link when he realized Rhett was saying letters 😂

  • Victoria Langø
    Victoria Langø

    Close your eyes from 11:03 - 11:08

  • the person
    the person

    4:29 imagine this is your first time watching GMM😅

  • Lina Sketch
    Lina Sketch

    You know what Rhett and Link?? you're still a couple of awesome possums! And yes, that comes naturally to me

  • Kidcheeto D
    Kidcheeto D

    This is like the first episode of icarly.

  • Aaron Bulgrin
    Aaron Bulgrin

    Anyone know what shoes Link was wearing in this one???

  • Chloe Violet
    Chloe Violet

    As a girl who can juggle myself, I was really hoping juggling would be in this video. :)

  • Budlightning

    You can tell that Rhett had his feet on the ground. Nice try guy. Still funny though

  • Shontaitube

    that is NOT pi lol

  • Coral Reef
    Coral Reef

    yoyo master pewds would like to know link’s location

  • Lauren Olszewski
    Lauren Olszewski

    Taste test all the little Debbie cakes

  • aslanenlisted

    That was brilliant. I'm crying from laughing.

  • Coral Hardin
    Coral Hardin


  • GreyPerspectiveBeats

    someone getting a icarly vibe?

  • M3llYV3RS3

    😂 😂 Funniest episode in my opinion

  • BruhAnt

    I can do a backflip

  • patrick hall
    patrick hall

    Estrada or Nada!

  • Abigail Burke
    Abigail Burke


  • Mel Pepe
    Mel Pepe

    WOW WOw Wow wow

  • Mel Pepe
    Mel Pepe


  • Mel Pepe
    Mel Pepe


  • Mel Pepe
    Mel Pepe


  • Mel Pepe
    Mel Pepe

    I won?

  • Mel Pepe
    Mel Pepe


  • Matthew Coy
    Matthew Coy

    My weird talent is that I can turn my right leg completely backwards.

  • pjs5406

    how is that first one even considered a talent?

  • SEA Trip Reports
    SEA Trip Reports

    10:54 close your eyes and just listen

  • Michael Semple
    Michael Semple

    As a new jersian (close to where kazoo boy) I feel upset about our states representative

  • Laveena Rattii
    Laveena Rattii

    Rhett hyping up link to was so wholesome like that’s best friend goals 😭

  • Joaquin Bautista
    Joaquin Bautista

    Hey Rhett and Link can you do offstring yoyo

  • ahgamyday17

    the squeaky toy bit.... that was so hard to look at without laughing so much

  • Rowan Abbott
    Rowan Abbott

    I love our fandom

  • Umaimah Saleemi
    Umaimah Saleemi

    Well aren't you guys just a bunch of doody booties

  • Travis Olson
    Travis Olson

    I have to remind myself everytime I think Link looks short, that he is 6'1, Rhett is just a titan 🤣

  • A.J. Sykes
    A.J. Sykes

    Ayeee Egg harbor township NJ . Yeah we’re all nutz here.

  • LordSeth1000

    i like the part where rhett says they like the clapping, we all love some applause



  • PlayerCod

    Rhett and Link are a couple of awesome possums

  • LittleRedHaired Girl
    LittleRedHaired Girl

    Java has a beautiful smile.

  • Chloe Randolph
    Chloe Randolph

    I love how Rhett is so supportive. Lol 😆

  • Em Bee
    Em Bee

    You may have lost, but Rhett and Link are still awesome possums.

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    I'm pretty sure Rob Scallon is a fan, he made a "let's talk about that" video along time ago. So... Try to beat his talent

  • L2NotFail

    Erik Estrada could have done them all, just sayin.

  • QS R8
    QS R8

    2:09 - what did Rhett say?

    • Lil Apple
      Lil Apple

      "Thats confident"

  • Lilly Chang
    Lilly Chang

    I need another episode

  • Pickle Syrup
    Pickle Syrup

    "nope dont use the vocal chords."

  • Lilly Chang
    Lilly Chang

    🤣 I love this

  • Sdub Gdub
    Sdub Gdub

    I like Rhetts shoes

    • Sdub Gdub
      Sdub Gdub

      Also i can juggle too

  • Justin Lawrence
    Justin Lawrence

    Cool dudes

  • Skully the salty One
    Skully the salty One

    The first guy was seriously just trying to make a fool of the beasts

  • Emily Broschard
    Emily Broschard

    Hey I’m from egg harbor township New Jersey

  • Racheal J
    Racheal J

    If my best friend don't hype me the way Rhett hypes Link during the yo-yo, I'mma need to get a new best friend lol

  • Kat A
    Kat A

    DONT just listen to this or else you may assume something is happening which should not be

  • Tronderose

    If I had known about this, I would've chosen something from my "weird body tricks" video :'D

  • Hitman Unicorn
    Hitman Unicorn

    “Rhett and Link are a couple of awesome possums”

  • MomokoMaggie

    Noir was absolutely adorable 💖

  • Ziad Gaser
    Ziad Gaser

    chris got dem moves tho I wanna be friends with him

  • Raya Boicey
    Raya Boicey

    Woooooo!!! Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦 😁

  • dahuckinator

    11:04 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zaid Hernandez
    Zaid Hernandez

    Hey whaddya know, I'm able to turn anything into a squeaky toy as well!....who knew my elementary school skills would come in handy

  • Cole Stuart
    Cole Stuart

    9:24 I thought they got vasectomies

  • Neon Sword
    Neon Sword


  • LadyZeldaia

    Retth cheated, you can clearly see his feet on the ground

  • Livia Franco
    Livia Franco

    This episode is genius I laugh so much

  • Kinjiru731

    You guys need to do more of these, this was hilarious.

  • ItalEngRo

    The fact that he admitted was cheating on last round gets a like from me :)

  • Haydn Schlinger
    Haydn Schlinger

    Doesn’t he look like Danial Radcliffe?

  • Bonnie Mitchell
    Bonnie Mitchell

    Well I am glad you guys played fair I was like no he cheated love you guys

  • Tahlia Root
    Tahlia Root

    “shut up! i’m squeakin over here!”

  • Jalen Greene
    Jalen Greene

    Seeing there legs is weird 😂

  • Rami Alshoubaki
    Rami Alshoubaki

    Yeah ... we have skills in Canada 🍁

  • mr sir
    mr sir

    Rhett and link are a couple of awesome opossums or something

  • Shooter 3000
    Shooter 3000

    When Rhett started saying letters 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • eli

    I go that school!!!!

  • Richard Dains
    Richard Dains

    yall are awsome we all love you

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker

    Jenna is so Purdy.

  • Bryce Hotchkiss
    Bryce Hotchkiss

    11:05 More fodder for the next fan fic episode 😳

    • Bryce Hotchkiss
      Bryce Hotchkiss

      Oh an 14:06-14:12 😂

  • Cam Garner
    Cam Garner

    Please do this again. Hilarious.