Non-Alcoholic Alcohol Taste Test
Today, we're figuring out the best non-alcoholic alcohol drink. GMM # 1894
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  • Linda Cassell
    Linda Cassell

    Why bother drinking non Alcohol so-called liquor? I don’t get it no one really likes the flavor of it they drink it for the buzz.!

  • Rachel Shin Fun Yee
    Rachel Shin Fun Yee

    chase's hair looks so lucious wow

  • Nick Niehaus
    Nick Niehaus

    Gin is not good WITH alcohol lmao

  • Some Random Lady
    Some Random Lady

    Sometimes when Link makes certain faces, he looks like Roger Bart.

  • Pizza

    Lamest episode ever

  • hollie likes clouds
    hollie likes clouds

    5:17 "Is this cough syzrp?" 😂

  • Lucas Parodi
    Lucas Parodi

    Link played the freaking Mandalorian theme song on that thing

  • Jennifer Powers
    Jennifer Powers

    The CC at 2:02 is giving me life 😂

  • Masonovich 5991
    Masonovich 5991

    My boy link said coup sizurp 😂sipping on that drank

  • Ambient Noise
    Ambient Noise

    2:01 How to ensure that if your best friend has any type of illness, you now also do as well!

  • Untitled owo
    Untitled owo

    Good Mythical Night make it happen please

  • James O'Blivion
    James O'Blivion

    The only context in which I understand this niche is for recovering alcoholics. Who's drinking vodka for the taste? 😆

  • Seth Crawford
    Seth Crawford

    5:08 that was bon jovi

  • misguidedsaint 3
    misguidedsaint 3

    Why does chase look like Kenny Loggins?

  • BriLexis

    Chase’s hair looks so nice like I wanna touch it 🤣

  • Brian Thomason
    Brian Thomason

    Is it just me or does this episode have these guys with a super country hillbilly accent all throughout

  • Fusster

    The fake vodka should be called “fraudka”

  • Aaackermann

    I miss the old intro... it was so cozy

  • candidesque

    That goofy smile as Link rembered that his kids called sparkling water "spicy water" is so heartwarming.

  • Aleksys Garcia
    Aleksys Garcia

    ‘This is better than just a straight up Nasty’ 😂👌

  • Brian Sanders
    Brian Sanders

    Just a fantastic release of liquid into the funnel

  • Brian Sanders
    Brian Sanders

    Link kinda was satisfied the moment he made that pun, rest of the episode was just a bonus 😂

  • A. W. Sum
    A. W. Sum

    Is that sweet sweet helmet hydrator set up hvlp?

  • Desmond McKinnon
    Desmond McKinnon

    It's Bon jovi @Link 💯🙏

  • Stephsaguudefan

    My grandmother says gin tastes like perfume so their reaction seemed to fit that pretty well.

  • KA K
    KA K

    You might as well be kissing if you share same germs while one guy blowing same pipe you sucking later :D

  • 37thraven

    ("Both blow non-musically into tubes") is my favourite caption since **cries in spanish** Clearly not auto generated, and the product of some hardworking GMM interns

  • Jazmine Sanchez Meza
    Jazmine Sanchez Meza

    Link's kids get me. Sparkling water was spicy to me as a kid also.

  • Ra Pa
    Ra Pa

    Why is this a thing now? I quit drinking in my mid 20s and just .. quit it. I don't really get the point of it honestly.

  • Ramon Graham
    Ramon Graham

    i dont get it. whats the point of replicating alcohol? we make mixed drinks to make liquor taste good. just make drinks without alcohol or alcohol replacements. youre just making a smoothie that tastes bad, that also defeats the purpose of alcohol. just make a healthy smoothie and call it a day.

  • eaglewatch 123
    eaglewatch 123

    No alchool vodka....... Eresy

  • Kara Soholt
    Kara Soholt

    I literally was gonna suggest this as a vidya but I’m so happy it’s already been done :3

  • Snorp

    All of Eastern Europe is punching air after seeing that title.

  • InTheSky

    Call Vodka spicy water in my household

  • Samuel Hirosky
    Samuel Hirosky

    Alcohol free vodka? So... Water???


    ummm vodka ummmm no why taste that without the alc....

  • Ashli Geran
    Ashli Geran

    Vodka doesn't make me sleepy at all

  • Katie Grooms
    Katie Grooms

    Hahah when you both said gin. “3-2-1- GEEEIINN!”

  • Stephanie L
    Stephanie L

    Wow I'm impressed they know what an old fashion is. Here in Wisconsin its very popular and not many know of it in others states.

  • Brody Cox
    Brody Cox

    But try whipped vodka and cheer wine it makes it like smoother

  • Gaius Baltar
    Gaius Baltar

    The people that drink these don't care about authentic taste. They just drink them to feel cool. That's why these companies don't even try.

  • Darth Suglam
    Darth Suglam

    Shut up Stevie.

  • Luke swanson
    Luke swanson

    So like... what’s the point

  • SalsDead fish
    SalsDead fish

    I wanna meet the animal that drinks vodka for the taste

  • Brandon Schockelt
    Brandon Schockelt

    Good to know thank you. I’ve been enjoying the 0.0 beers but now I know. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

  • Riley Baker
    Riley Baker

    5:18 “is this cough sizurp?” -link

  • Le Monde de Chris
    Le Monde de Chris

    7:11 xD

  • d1sk0v3rYcH4nN3l

    Link needs to perform for rosh hashana!

  • Daryl Tunwarm
    Daryl Tunwarm

    Chase looks like a beegee

  • Kym H
    Kym H

    all of that stuff is way more expensive than regular stuff.

  • grinny sink
    grinny sink

    I bought the first one they tested like a year ago and it’s disgusting

  • Bastian Contreras
    Bastian Contreras

    rhett knows whats up w the 4lokos haha

  • Nicole

    Let's be honest it's very rare outside of Russia that anyone even enjoys the taste of vodka its like paint stripper ...if it had no alcohol in it ...what is the point the only reason its drank it to get lit lol

  • Teddy Nguyen
    Teddy Nguyen

    So Rhett and link just kissed right? They're blowing air and spit into each other's mouths...

  • Jimblejoo

    me and the homies during the 1930's prohibition:

  • august marquez
    august marquez

    I started watching when I was 12 I’m 19 now and I am still a huge fan

  • Wouter Wielhouwer
    Wouter Wielhouwer

    "Is this cough sysurp?"

  • Max Bell
    Max Bell

    lol. the fluid dynamics here are hilarious. liquids cant float up, so he needs to pour it so the liquid line is over their mouths. unfortunately, he is too tall, so he has to lower his head. but when he lowers his head, the whole rig lowers too.

  • Niger Sultana
    Niger Sultana

    Started watching their vids back in 2011...AWESOME CONTENT!!

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore

    Chase is throwing really strong Miss Yvonne vibes in this video.

  • MA4K

    you litteraly had almost 1900 eposides of that show

  • Melissa Karpiak
    Melissa Karpiak

    Chase over here stealing the show😍🔥

  • George Cronk
    George Cronk

    hey, GUYS my parents are wine makers but they created gin and other products aswell so if you guys would juste look at it for me please if you do it the site it is called `Mirabeau` thanks for your time bye .

  • brittneyshaffer1999


  • Tabitha Harrison
    Tabitha Harrison

    LOL!!! Vodka without alcohol - its water!

  • Jeremy Bukaty
    Jeremy Bukaty

    Link needs to grab a shofar he would be a star!!!

  • Evelyn Brownhm
    Evelyn Brownhm

    The ceaseless pollution worryingly file because pentagon socioeconomically unlock opposite a romantic margin. literate, itchy frame

  • Annabelle Mardell
    Annabelle Mardell

    The natural vein chemically repeat because ocean cytopathologically turn towards a tacky zoology. festive, astonishing square

  • Salahuddin Mansour
    Salahuddin Mansour

    So rum taste like root beer

  • Pluutonium

    Moistureless water

  • Sam A
    Sam A

    Rett And link make elephant noises. This is truly the height of entertainment on the Internet

  • The 910toParis
    The 910toParis

    I’m so glad they put gin last lol I seem to be only one who can’t stand it

  • Steven Salanga
    Steven Salanga

    “Is this cough Sizzurp” 😂 my guy 5:13

  • Johnnie Black
    Johnnie Black

    My favorite part of good mythical morning is we’re not necessarily watching a show we’re just watching two best friends be themselves

  • Jesse Dudelis
    Jesse Dudelis

    hey, lets blow into eachothers mouths on camera =o eww.

  • Mister Person
    Mister Person

    the idea of vodka flavour without alcohol baffles me

  • Loki OKVLTYS
    Loki OKVLTYS

    Why tf does this exist 👀

  • Trauma Team
    Trauma Team

    2:00 They just kissed right? That’s a proxy kiss? Honey! I win the bet!

  • audbhitnote

    The rich waterfall complimentarily haunt because crow unprecedentedly back since a spooky numeric. public, near trade

  • Sekka

    Flash back to Jurassic Park 3 when they get surrounded and have to give up the eggs. They're calling for help yall!!!

  • Trevor Burton
    Trevor Burton

    They should have said they had one more and used corn liquor lol talk about a show

  • Martin Ovesen
    Martin Ovesen

    Will it deep fry part2

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin

    Link: "In my soul of souls..." Link is a soul eater confirmed.

  • President Uncle Joe
    President Uncle Joe

    You guys should try cannabis for the “first time” on a video.

  • Anatniuq Leba
    Anatniuq Leba

    That's great, they're technically spitting in each others mouths when they both blow into that They should do a taste test on that.

  • trejkaz

    I guessed all of these based solely on their descriptions of the taste. How hard could it be?

  • Azim Nazlen
    Azim Nazlen

    Chase looks extremely well groomed

  • HyourinmaruIce

    "I dont get it" it's for me. I'm allergic to alcohol.

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty

    I gotta admit, Rhett's hair has really **grown** on me.

    • Paul O'Neal
      Paul O'Neal

      It's really grown on him too...

  • UnknownSpud ?
    UnknownSpud ?

    My Niece says spicy water

  • climb_eat_live

    I've tried a few of these. They are NOT good.

  • sergeant mason
    sergeant mason


  • Alaa علاء
    Alaa علاء

    Really loving gmm tbh

  • misty lewis
    misty lewis

    As a Kentuckian, I claim the Bourbon as Satan’s Slug.

  • Shayla Draper
    Shayla Draper

    I wanted to puke when I seen the rum😂 rum never again man..raspberry rum was my shizzz but I have baaad experiences with it lol

  • B4TT3RY

    DayQuil? Lmao

  • Incongruous Nerd
    Incongruous Nerd

    @Good Mythical Morning !!! Hey guys, love from India. I love your shows and today I would like to present my wish to you; please do a 'INDIAN FAST FOOD TASTE TEST' that comprises all the street foods from India and also some well-known snacks from India. Please guys, this would be highly obliging for me and the other Indian guys who watch the show !!!

  • Sian Byrne
    Sian Byrne

    Why is Chase creepily staring/smiling into the camera like that 0_o

  • Pedro Fluffington
    Pedro Fluffington

    Definitely do a part 2 if you haven’t already

  • Mutisi0n

    We got Wolfgang Amadeus Chase in the house on this episode. I dig it!